How to clean your Car Interior

Best way to clean your Car Interior

how to clean your car interiorNow a Days we all see car as a Status Symbol. Our socity even judge any person Status when they see the Car of that person. Cleaning car from outside is as Important as cleaning it from Inside. Because we have to sit inside the car not over the car. 
Cleaning a car from inside is not only looks good but it also good for your Health. In this blog we will tell you about
How to clean your car interior.

Vacuuming First

Vacuuming your carBefore cleaning your car interior you have to first clean it with Vacuum cleaner. As it will suck the dust from your seat, dashboard and other accessories. After which you can clean it with other things which we will discuss after this.

Precautions while using Vacuum cleaner inside car:

1. When not in use, unplug the vacuum cleaner from the slot. This protects the cord and plug and helps prevent accidents.
2. Never vacuum a wet surface. This can damage the motor(s) and puts the user at risk for electrical shock.
3. Keep fingers away from all powered moving vacuum cleaner parts.
4. Keep vacuum cleaners away from children.
5. Use a soft brush attachment to vacuum the dashboard, center console and the doors.
6. Be careful not to damage knobs, vents and sticking parts.
7. Use the same attachment vacuuming the seats. Leather seats are very easy to damage, be careful no to scratch them with the vacuum hose.

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Clean Seat and door upholstery

Car seat cleaning You can clean dirty spots from your car seat by applying different upholstry cleaners from the market. 
At first, you have to spray upholstry cleaner on the seat. 

Rub evenly, when the dirt spot get removed clean it with Soft cloth.

You can clean all the seat by following these two steps repeatedly.

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Clean Car Leather

Car leather cleaning Before cleaning any leather accessory in car first keep in mind that not all cleaning products are good so before cleaning any part firt try that cleaning product in small area, and clean it with soft cloth so that it will not leave any scratch on the seat or accessory.
We will suggest you not to clean your steering wheel with these cleaning products as these products are very slippery. So Clean it with litle moist cloth. 
As we have already clean our car seats with vacuum cleaner so now we will spray some leather cleaner on the soft clean towel and wipe the seat gently and clean the the edges wisely. 
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Carpet Cleaning

Car carpet cleaning Cleaning car carpet is same as cleaning upholstery. Carpet cleaning is also done in two simple steps:

Apply carpet cleaner on the carpet where you want to clean.

Rub the surface wisely and wipe it with clean cloth.
Dont soak your carpet on water as it cause bad smell and corrosion under carpet.

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Cleaning and Polishing dashboard and interior plastic

Dashboard cleaning To clean dashboard and other interior plastic appliance first clean it with moist cloth.

Then apply dashboard dresser to it, dont spray it directly to electric component. First spray it on the cloth then clean iit wisly with that cloth.

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Cleaning Window

Car window cleaning Last but not the least, cleaning the window. Cleaning window with the help of glass cleaning spray get ease your work.

First clean your car window with dry cloth. Then sprey glass cleaner on it.

Then clean it with soft microfiber cloth so that it will not leave scratch mark on the window.

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