How to Clean your Car Exterior at Home

How to clean your Car Exterior

As we have discussed earlier in our last blog i.e. How to clean your Car Interior that how our society make Car a Status Symbol, and how it affect our living Style. So it’s very important to make it look clean not only to look good but also to preserve its value. So that you will get a good smiling amount at the time of reselling your car.

Before starting this post, let’s make a Check list of all the products and things that you need while cleaning your car.Now we know all the products that we need at the time of cleaning of our car and you can buy the same from Dolphin Accessories. So let’s follow the following steps to clean your car.
  • At first, you have to rinse off your car using a pipe (hose) to blow the dust and dirt.
  • Now mix Car Shampoo with water in a Bucket. By using a sponge wipe down your car. Rinse every part of your car slowly so that it will not harm your car paint.
  • Hose the water to the car from top to bottom.
  • Use Glass Cleaner to clean your car’s windshield and windows with the help of Microfiber cloths to prevent Scratches.
  • Now let’s come to the wheels, clean your wheels or alloys with the Tire cleaner or alloy cleaner. Use the Brush to get rid of Dirt followed by cloth. Rinse wheel with the hose.
  • Now dry the car using Microfiber Cloth which is soft and will not harm your car Paint.
  • At last, Use the Car polish to shine your car, then add Car Wax for extra sparkle and Protection.
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